1. Do you ship to APO address or PO Box?
DHL and EMS couldn't ship to APO address or PO Box while the Hong Kong Air Mail does. If you choose the DHL and EMS shipping method while the address you provide is APO address or PO Box, we will ask you to provide with us a normative address to make the shipment. And the safe way is we do not prefer to ship to APO address or PO Box.

2. Can I have an item sent to another address?
Yes. You can have your purchase sent directly to another recipient's address. When ordering on the Internet, use Standard Check Out to type in the recipient's address. When using Automated Ordering, you can only have your package sent to the billing or permanent Ship-To address. When ordering through a Customer Representative, you can have your item sent to any recipient's address.

3. How do I know when my order will arrive?
i.Standard Delivery: It takes 7-25 working days to arrive. Sometimes it will be 5-10 days delay because of customs and flights as we noted in the description. Please don't worry. Air mail is very safe.
ii.EMS Express: it takes 4-8 days to arrive, but EMS express cannot ship to some countries, if it happens, we only can say sorry. Please see the available delivery areas in EMS section.

4. How is shipping cost calculated
On every item page, you will be able to calculate shipping cost by selecting destination and shipping methods.
International shipping costs are based on a combination of the following:
a) Weight and dimensions of package
b) The destination country or region
c) Shipping methods

Costs may be different greatly depending on what, where and how the seller is shipping. Generally speaking, you do not pay extra on your door. However, if what you are importing is on your country's tax or duty list, you may be charged by the Customs. Therefore we suggest you learn more about customs policies and postal service details before buying.
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